Motorbike Police

This story has originally been published in Herkku's Kiihkeät section under the name of Moottoripyöräpoliisi authored by my alter ego Pilleri, but on request from my friends I have now translated it for their enjoyment =)

* * *

My little red car speeds along the motorway competing with the wind. Within the car the noise is ear shattering, Iron Maiden uses electric instruments to create live music so that the bodywork expands, my foot stomps the rubber mat in unison with the music and the fingers of my free hand play complicated melodies in the air together with the wonderfully singing guitars. The motorway glows in the afternoon heat and my entire body reacts to the raw sexuality of the music, I am riding high. My tight new jeans squeeze my round hips deliciously and I sense a fantastic tingling in my crotch. The newly bought bra raises my hand-fitting breasts up in an alluring way inside the snug-fitting T-shirt and I feel great. In this mood I’d be ready for a little adventure, but what awaits me at home is the everyday life with husband and children without surprises. So I let the vocalist’s rough voice and the guitars chase the hum-drum out of my mind, fill my head and magically transfer me into the concert audience, and I shout in cheer with the rest of the crowd and my eyes see the vocalist in his leather pants and dark hair driving the audience wild like a rare sexy animal.

In my euphoria I have not checked the speedometer before a siren blares beside me exceeding the sound of heavy metal and the blue flashing glow encircles the interior of my car. I must look the epitome of someone scared as I glance at the motorbike police riding beside me, who is vigorously making hand signs for me to drive to the hard shoulder and stop. I notice with panic that my speed was well over the limit, and in every case well above the ticket line, so I humbly slow down and stop my car at a quiet spot on the hard shoulder simultaneously snapping the power of the CD player.

Having received a few reminders before I anticipate what is to come, roll down the electrically operated window and reach for the glove compartment to dig out the car documents. The thumping of the low-heeled motorbike boots approaches my window along the side of the car, and as I raise my eyes, I am looking straight into the tight expression of a pair of intensely blue eyes. For a moment I feel distracted, as the look in the eyes seems anything but official, but the police officer’s harsh tone quickly reels me back to reality.

“Madam must have been in quite a hurry”, he remarks with sarcasm. “Your speed greatly exceeded 140 kmph. You are not allowed faster than 120 in Finland.” I blush painfully aware of my excess wild speed. “Driver’s license and registration document, please!” is the familiar order, and I hand the documents with a slightly trembling hand. The police has removed his driving gloves and the hands that are slightly scented with motorbike fumes and leather lightly graze my fingers as he takes hold of the documents to read them. In a flash some of my euphoria is back, since the touch hits me like an electric shock. My stomach cramps, and I realize that fleetingly short touch excites me without any reason.

- - -

Traffic control in the zone I’ve been assigned to has been sweaty work all day, no that the drivers have been particularly sloppy, but since the sun has been blazing down from a clear blue sky and the weather infernally hot. Who the devil invented this cursed leather overall my kind have to work in? In this weather I’d much rather drive in Adam’s suit, I think to myself, as the seam of my motorbike overall once again moves my family jewels in such a position inside the overall, that thinking about sex is unavoidable. It would be so cool to ride around in plain tangas wearing the white helmet and gloves, and wave at the less law-obedient citizens with whichever member seems to suit me.

The thought manages to make me laugh and my staff pulse in a promising way when the driver of the little red car that has just joined the traffic at the previous exit seems to lose all sanity and starts tearing down the fiery hot motorway as if the devil himself was in chase. Adrenaline ready bubbling in my blood I start following the rice bowl and the excitement of the chase rises the pulsing in my groin. Damned thought play, I curse my hardened shaft and turn the motorbike handle for more gas.

I finally manage to catch the red devil tearing at a wild speed, and it is a straight-out miracle that the car holds on to the road in the first place, the rattle within is that loud. The obviously middle-aged lady driving the car seems genuinely scared when she finally realizes I’m trying to make her stop. Lucky for me she nicely slows down and steers over to the hard shoulder finally coming to a halt there. At the same instant the metal thump and screech inside the car stops as if cut by a knife. I force myself to take the official stance, but my poker face is about to break when I look at the figure inside the car reaching for the glove compartment.

The woman has almost turned her back on me and is digging in the glove compartment, the butt stuffed inside a pair of tight jeans is enticingly round and half off the seat, and between the arm and armpit I catch a glimpse of a genuinely attractive round silhouette. At least C-cup, I deduce to myself taking off my bike gloves, and my half raised cock twitches wildly inside my overall getting even harder. Right, so right, I congratulate myself as the woman straightens herself to look into my eyes. The breasts within the light blue T-shirt are deliciously raised and size-wise very hand-fitting. For a fleeting moment I’d like to grope them directly through the already opened window, but I control my urges and tell her in a rough manner how great excess speed this hot kitten has been driving in the heat. She looks genuinely embarrassed, but I could swear the look in her grayish green eyes was for a quick glimpse simply animal. The same phenomenon repeats itself when I receive the driver’s license and registration document I have requested from her. She looks like she’s breathing heavily, and the posture of her slightly parted lips is such, that I could easily imagine them releasing the tension on my member that has been chased around by my overall.

And that’s when the devil gets in me! The motorway is quiet and beside the spot where she’s stopped on the hard shoulder the road is surrounded by thick rose bushes that practically cover us from the rest of the traffic, if I manage to position the lady on the passenger side of the car. And as if by order, there is a dip beside the road, where one could well perform some further investigations. “If madam would be so kind as to step outside”, I order her. “We must make sure the little lady is not driving under the influence of any substance. The lady looks a bit puzzled but obediently gets out of the car shaking her auburn hair that’s got summer highlights and mumbling something under her breath. There’s something feline and excitingly soft about the way she moves. This woman is a genuine female, definitely ready to be fucked and probably even aware of it! My pulse picks up in anticipation and my cock, now reaching it’s full size, stretches against the thick leather of my overall pulsing with excitement.

- - -

“Little lady, he calls me!”, I mutter under my breath as I follow the instruction and get out of the car to be tested. I’ll show you a little lady, I puff in my mind and suddenly wonder that I‘ve never had to get out of the car before to be tested for driving under influence. The police officer carries on walking towards his bike along the side of my car with a straight posture, so I think what do I know about the new drug tests, when I’ve never come across one. At the same time I have an opportunity to observe my apprehender. Even the thick leather bicycle overall cannot conceal the fact that this officer of the law has an excellent physical condition, he is appealingly slightly taller than I am, and oh… those buttocks are definitely god’s gift to some lucky woman! Reaching the corner of my car, however, the officer stops and turns about to point at the shoulder of the road. “We move to the edge of the road to avoid accidents”, he guides me, and I see a certain logic in the instruction. The occasional heavy vehicles must cause a considerable suction as the rumble by.

Reaching the very edge of the road I turn around to face this handsome officer of the law, and my mouth is left gaping with surprise as this knight of the highways pulls the zipper of his motorbike overall open all the way to his hips revealing a tight tank top and bulging boxer shorts. “What the hell..!”. I manage to exclaim when the man without further ado digs out his member that stands in a grand erection and orders “And blow on this, if you please!”

“No way in hell! What kind of police work is this?” I demand, but my protest rings to deaf ears. “Madam had so much excess speed, that all the tests must now be performed without hassle”, he declares in a cold tone and shakes his member in front of me in a manner that leaves no doubt as to the purpose of the words. The situation is humiliating, but shockingly exciting at the same time. I have sometimes dreamt of a delicious fuck in the hands of some authority that in the face of my family would go down as e.g. a routine visit to the doctor. This is not quite as gentle and discreet an encounter, I manage to think, but the thought is cut short when the policeman grabs my shoulder and forces me down on my knees in front of him. He has skillfully placed us so that I, and the member swaying in front of my face are more or less hidden from any passers by, and to a driver-by he must look as if he was inspecting a vehicle abandoned on the hard shoulder. Well to hell with it, I think and grab the cock presented to me with a steady hand.

Since I have decided to take what’s coming to me, I conscientiously concentrate on studying the truncheon being offered to me a little closer. The shaft pulsing in my hand is actually like a dream come true: a circumcised, round-tipped wand that has enough length to reach all the way to the bottom without causing damage, but the girth competes with my wrist. The shaft is covered with silky soft skin, but is hard as steel inside, and handsome bulging veins run across it. The sight is so delicious that I can’t help licking my lips, and I feel how my tingling pussy starts to pulse and get juicy. The officer of the law, on the other hand, has a straight view through the neck of my T-shirt between my breasts that are lifted by the bra, and by the nudges of the cock in my hand I can tell my apprehender likes what he sees. “Let’s not waste time”, he urges me, “We have a great number of tests to perform yet before appropriate punishment can be decided on.”

- - -

I manage to get that gorgeous woman lead to a position where I can ask her to perform a little blow test. Opening my biking overall I pull my cock that was making my boxers bulge out for her to test. After brief protest she seems suddenly to go along with my game and observes my prick in an expert manner with her pupils expanding with excitement. Those wonderfully inviting tits sway in her T-shirt neckline deliciously in sight, when she obediently reaches for my groin and sinks the tip of my cock between the lips she has licked moist. What a fantastic sight! A curvaceous fuckable woman sucking my cock with torturing skill, her tongue softly circling on the surface of my rod and her breasts swaying under them as if waiting for me to sink my member between them for a wonderful massage. I feel how my load starts to gather up steam in my balls, when that thought reaches my brain while the woman’s warm mouth wonderfully sucks and licks my dick.

I pull my now deep red cock out of her mouth, order her to stand up and to take off her T-shirt and bra. “My, have the drug tests got variable”, I hear her mutter, but she bares her upper body bare none the less and stops to wait for further instructions with one hand on her hip and an indiscernible look in her eyes. “And we move closer now, please”, I order her. “A little balance test with the truncheon follows next”, I guide her my voice hoarse with lust. She takes a couple of steps closer to me, and I grab her hands making them move to the sides of her breasts and to push those lovely mounds closer to each other. I push her down a little and push my saliva slickened cock up between the breasts from underneath. That bitch needs no guidance, but she starts to rub her breasts in a round and rhythmic motion against my shaft. I’m totally taken by surprise, when she bends her head down and starts to give a lick to the tip of my dick every time it moves close enough, and I feel with intense pleasure how the carefully held-back load rises into the pipeline and sprays in bitter splashes over the tits and face of my devouress.

- - -

The cavalry sighs with pleasure when I start to lick and suck that fabulous love shaft with expert attitude. He doesn’t allow me to enjoy the glow of that steely rod in my mouth for too long, when he orders me up and out of my top and bra. Having bared my top he pushes me back down on my knees and with enthusiasm fucks my tits, which I am glad to surrender to this use gently licking the tip every time his cock pokes up from between my breasts to my face. Suddenly he cringes and a thick load of sperm sprays on my face and breasts. Panting he steps back with his dick slowly descending, and with great pleasure I rub that grass smelling cream into my skin and nipples, which harden when the hot sperm cools around them in the light breeze. My apprehender follows my actions with a crooked smile and then says: “Madam must be in quite some ecstasy. I wonder if we have the tools in our kit to find that out?”

He fingers the strap of his helmet, pulls it open with one sweeping motion and pulls his helmet off with two hands. “The man is really handsome!”, I sigh to myself. He is some years younger than I, has light short-cropped hair that is messed up by the helmet and glued by sweat to his forehead and sideburns. The face so framed looks as if it was carved with an axe, edgy and manly, and the sapphire blue eyes have an intensive and lusty look in them. He tosses the helmet onto the grass beside us, and simultaneously steps close to me, so close to my skin that the tank top fabric rubs my sperm-damp nipples with slight, tickling touches. He takes a decisive grip on my hips, presses his mouth on mine and kisses me with lusty and passionate french kisses that make my knees buckle with desire. At the same time his hands open and pull down my jeans, and his hot hand quickly finds its way through my damp knickers to my wet lips. Two fingers slip inside with an owner’s confidence almost into my vagina, and the palm of his hand demandingly rubs my mound, which I press against his hand inching myself against it with total surrender to the lust. I push my hands inside his overall around his back and caress his handsome back with my fingertips and nails. Pleasure courses throughout my pelvis and I feel my muscles tensing in anticipation of release, when he suddenly stops his wonderful game and, stepping backward, first pushes me an arms length away and then pulls me back towards him so that I have to step out of the jeans that have fallen around my ankles.

“Finally we put our fingers to our toes to check if our balance is OK also with our head down”, he states and unceremoniously turns my back towards himself and presses my upper back in a demanding manner. Somewhat puzzled I bend over and touch my toes, and the man behind me keeps his hand on my back just long enough for me to understand to stay in that position to wait for his next move. That’s when a leather overall falls beside me on the grass, and my apprehender crouches down behind me to sniff my juicy love nest with abandon his nose almost burrowing in my labia. Skillfully and softly he starts to caress my joy button up and down with slow wide-tongued licks. He occasionally reaches his tongue inside me and tells me how good I taste. Between my lightly spread legs I can see that he has kicked off both his boots and boxer shorts and is crouching down behind me with his sperm-heavy testicles grazing the asphalt. The penis that had calmed down to a soft rose shade jumps in rhythm with the licks and notch by notch rises up to stare at me with its one-eyed gaze. I look at that one-eyed snake with fascination as it rises into full fighting posture, and my heat grows overwhelming. The muscles inside my vagina start to cramp around the tongue that has just penetrated me and my lusty mounted police groans with pleasure as my juices flow straight into his mouth when my pussy convulses with joy around his wonderful tongue.

- - -

Closing her eyes for a moment that wonderful woman rubs my sperm into her skin, and with her nipples hard as cherries then looks at me her pupils widened with lust. She simply must be kissed, so I tear my helmet off in a fell swoop and press my lusty lips to this busty bitch’s mouth and crudely make love to her mouth with my tongue. The wench in my arms answers my kisses with a discernable hunger and slips her hands inside my overall to finger and scratch my back. I tear her jeans open and overcome with heat sink my hand into her crotch, all the way to the smooth and wet pair of outer lips, and immediately proceed to fuck her with two of my fingers up her cunt. What a transition from fright to wild heat, I think to myself chuckling with pleasure. And the game’s not over yet.

I pull this dirty woman out of her pants and instantly turn her around forcing her to bend over to a ‘balance test’ with her fingers on her toes. The abundant butt stands in front of me wide and smooth, and under it I can see her pussy, which she has trimmed slick apart from a little triangle of fur above the clitoris. The entire rosy nest is slippery with shiny juices and waiting for my tongue to lick that nectar up. I open the straps and kick off my hot biking boots peeling myself out of the leather overall, and on a quick impulse let my boxer shorts follow suit. Then I crouch down behind her with my hands firmly on the hips that surround the round buttocks, sniffing her intoxicating scent and finally sinking my face with gusto into that luscious fruit, and I commence to lick and drink her delicious juice with extreme pleasure. She moans and wriggles in my hands, and my shaft reacts to each sigh with a jump growing with speed, and suddenly my mouth is filled with her juices, as she orgasms with my tongue buried deep in her vagina.

What ever may have remained of my officer’s ethics flies in to the grass with my overall, when I hear her say with a low husky voice: “That was fantastic! You are quite the stallion, and this mare would at least once in her lifetime like to be covered by a handsome tool such as yours.” Her words reach deep in my balls and my cock rises to its new record height pulsing crazy and ready for fuck. I raise her up and push her face first against the car and lift her left foot on the back bumper. Her box is now openly presented to me and with a groan of pleasure I press my knob against her slippery lips. Like a true stallion I poke her a few times knocking around and behind the mouth of her vagina before intensely and lustfully pushing myself deep into her warm and ready-to-fuck pussy.

Her hands clasped to the groove in the roof of the car she pushes her butt tight against my groin with small rubbing motions and loudly mutters lusty words that I can no longer discern, but that voice an animal heat and the joy of mating. Her hole pulses around my shaft as if she was having constant small orgasms, and that heated joy of pairing grips me with a groping sensation in my balls, and I start to fuck her with long deep thrusts and a slowly increasing, gradually animalistic pace. Our flesh slaps together and her pussy squelches with juices when my balls slap against it in a dirty manner. This is definitely the wildest fuck of my life, and my pulse races like a horse on the prairie while my cock twists and swells harder than it has ever been inside this woman’s convulsing cunt. I am veritably ploughing her like a farmer, jumping on her like a wild stallion, and practically snort my heat out loud. Suddenly her muscles squeeze tightly around my shaft, and after a few more thrusts she screams out loud and breaks into an orgasm that squeezes and massages my cock in an incredible way. I feel my balls tighten up and rise up as my own orgasm is triggered in them shooting hot lava deep inside her. I press my cock all the way up her vagina and feel how my knob is pressed tight against her cervix causing a fantastic sensation of pressure as my sperm flows in heavy pulses out through my knob and in through her cervix deep into her womb. Her pleasure lasts for a long time softening gradually, but against each of her convulsions a new spoonful of thick cream is released into her from my balls. When I finally breathlessly pull my still pulsing and downward twisting member out of her, small drips of sperm are still flowing from it, and her pussy floods with our slimy juices down to the asphalt in a quantity and thickness I cannot believe is mine.

- - -

My master policeman is like a dream, so fantastic is the orgasm he gives me, and I cannot help saying how gladly I’d like a stallion like him mounting me. Without another word he raises me up facing the car and raises my left foot on the bumper. I know I look lusty and fuckable like that, and realize with slight fright that anyone driving by can now determine by our position what is going on behind the car. The thought is cast in the woods the instant the knob of my rider’s impressive member starts to knock between my honey drenched lips in the doorway to my sanctum. There is nothing saintly about me, when I push my behind against his groin moaning and gulping for air and like a mare in heat try to catch that stallion’s sizable member inside me. Suddenly he thrusts his big member deep in me with a smooth, slippery and slow motion, and sparks of pleasure tingle in my legs and my pulsing cunt, when that majestic rod fills me for once in my life full of cock, so fantastically and indescribably full. I whine and grip the groove in the car roof with two hands pushing and grinding my butt against his hips, and he grabs my buttocks with a pleasurable baking motion starting to fuck me with wonderful deep thrusts. I whimper and sigh heated and lusty animal expressions in a hoarse, occasionally moaning voice, the heat live like an animal inside me, pulsing and growing as that fantastic rod pokes and rubs all the right spots inside my love hole. He huffs, groans, practically snorts like a horse and mounts me like a stallion sire. Everything in me concentrates on that moment and the member riding a storm inside me. An earthquake rages in me, and my orgasm starts to gather like hot lava under the volcano waiting for eruption. Finally I feel my pussy tighten up, and the familiar sweet tingling pleasure run from my toes to my groin and back again, finally erupting in competition with the scream emitting from my mouth, immersing me in deep, rough pulsing and convulsion around the shaft that now fills me to the utmost pulsing hot and steely hard. The man sucks in a sudden breath, stiffens a little, and I feel how his hot sperm starts to flood in me. He pushes his penis head tightly against my cervix, and for the first time in my life I can actually feel how hot semen shoots into my womb filling it too with a sweet glow. I have finally been mounted like a mare in heat, like a lust sick female animal that finally gets the male she wants.

This orgasm is longer than any I have ever experienced, and it only softens down gradually diminishing into a small pulsing. My knees buckle when he pulls himself from inside me, and my hole – still rudely displayed with my one foot on the bumper – runs down thick cream from inside me onto the asphalt that is already wet from our juices as evidence of our immeasurable heat. Finally my knees totally give up and I lose my grip on the groove in the roof. The policeman catches me gasping for air, and for a moment we sit beside each other catching our breath on the grass that feels refreshingly cool under our behinds.

After a while the most fabulous representative of the law I have ever met peels of his tank top that’s the only remaining item of clothing on us, and says with a tired and tender voice: “Maybe madam could be so kind as to clean us up in this shirt and leave me that as a receipt for the best fine I’ve ever collected.” I nod quietly and start to gently dry his member that has now calmed down into its flaccid state, after which I wipe all possible juices from my pussy in the same piece of clothing. I then hand the top back to the man, who sniffs it with pleasure, then folds it carefully and puts it in the thigh pocket of his biking overall. When I’m getting into my car after getting dressed, the man starts to put his helmet back on and states with a cruel smile on his lips: “We have madam’s registration number in memory now. Fines will naturally be considerably harder, if we catch you racing like that again.”

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