College girl's ordeal
Naughty professor

I can’t believe this!” I cried. “Lousy C! I would have earned better! That stupid old professor R must be out of his mind.” I was ranting about my fate to my friend Kimberley in campus café. I had really believed that my exam result of the course of the rococo art would have been better. For my amazement Kimberley didn’t look too surprised. Actually she smiled and said, “You can always complain to professor R. It’s your right, you know.”

I was skeptical. “It’s no use”, I said, “the old man would laugh me out of his room”. “Umm, I wouldn’t be so sure, Janice” Kimberley said smiling her puzzling smile. “He is fond of young ladies, you know. I suggest that you put on something sexy and visit him... and don’t forget your diaphragm!” I guess I looked somehow shocked when she winked at me and left the table.

I was still confused when I walked home. What on earth Kimberly had meant? She couldn’t... or could she... oh heck, I had to see this through. Something sexy, Kim had said. Okay, I visited cut-price clothing store. Black tight miniskirt, I decided, must be sluttiest garment in the world. Red pumps will okay, too. How to cover (or to display) my breasts? Black pretty tank top will do the trick.

Next day I put on my war-gear, finished my make-up and packed my diaphragm into my handbag. Few sprays of perfume made finishing touches and I was ready to meet Mr R. Glance at the mirror told me that there could be no way he could get me wrong if he was alive at all.

It was about 11 a.m. when I reached the door of professor R’s study. He gave me a green light and I made my entry. The study of a respected art historian was exactly what do you think it would be: bookshelves from floor to roof, and much mahogany and green leather. The professor was sitting behind his large desk which was surprisingly devoid of papers and other stuff (I found out soon, why...). He told me sit down in one of the leather-clad armchairs. I did so and crossed my legs slowly, letting hem of my skirt run unhindered up my thights.

The professor was about 60 years old, if I’m right, but he didn’t seem old and tired at all, actually he looked more younger than you could guess, unly slight baldness giving away his age. “Yes, Miss S”, he said most friendly,”what’s on your heart?” I complained about how low grade I had got and that I had got advice from my friend Kimberley to ask if anything could be done. When I mentioned Kim’s name he began to smile wily and asked if she had told me to take a certain thing with me. I blushed a bit as I agreed, and still more when he said, “Look, Miss S, in that case we both know you are willing to do certain things to promote your studies, so don’t you think it proper to take some preliminaru measures?”

It was only right from him to cut to the point. Swallowing the last of my pride and trying to look cool I was about take off my clothes when he said, “Please, no! So scanty a dress like yours could hardly be any hindrance for activities in which you will soon find yourself, young lady. Just put your diaphragm correctly where it belongs and let me have a good look when doing that.” I dug up the diaphragm and rolled up my skirt. The professor looked quite pleased to see that I didn’t wear panties, and murmured, ”Oh yes, how nice, how nice!”. I had to do some gymnastics in the armchair to get through my task. The professor kept keen eye on my pussy, which made me nervous but finally I managed to insert the damn thing (I don’t use them too often) against my cervix.

“Fine!”, he said, “Please, come over here and let me have a better look of yourself.” I walked around the desk and sat on its edge in front of the professor. “Pretty legs, oh yes, fin, fine”, he murmured, stroking my legs. He raised my right leg to kiss it and for my great relief it didn’t feel icky at all but pleasant and quite arousing really. I noticed a formidable bulge on the front of his trousers. I reached to massage his jutting cock but he stopped me. “Not so fast, young lady, you will have it, but I like to have my fun with girls like you in correct order, if you please.” He pushed me lie down on the desk and put my feet on armrests of his chair. Sitting in his chair like preparing for his dinner he rolled up my skirt and spread out my thighs to get comfortable access to my waiting pussy. I had had my doubts about professor R’s ways with women but now I realized that only in minutes his self-confident behavior had made me feel safe and willing for sex and my pussy was dribbling wet. How on earth these old goats can always do this for me, I wondered, staring at the richly decorated ceiling of professor R’s study.

In next moment professor R’s mouth hit my pussy in earnest, and oh my god how he did it! I had believed that I had got my fair share of pussy-eating a girl can expect to get in her life, but my newest lover was able to break the record once more. His lips and tongue danced on my pussy like never before and just in seconds I was thrown into total exctasy. I swung my arms (now I found out why his desk was so empty) and pressed his head between my legs so tight I will never know how he could breath.

After giving me so marvelous oral sex professor R raised his head from my crotch. His face was completely covered by my juice, so he took his handkerchief and wiped it off. “Erm, yes, fine very delicious taste, that of yours, young lady, and very lavishly produced, if I may say so.” He was incredibly calm, only heavy breath revealed his excitement. Obviously he intended to get me beg for a fuck. He was standing now and my ankles rested on his shoulders. My pussy was in flames and I propably looked very desperate.

“Please, Mr R”, I whined, “please, fuck me! Put your big hard cock into my pussy, I beg you, please!” It was utterly humiliating, 19-year old girl begging 60-year old man for fucking her. But against all reason I found this submission to him extremely satisfying, just lying on his desk, on his mercy, and knowing he would eventually fulfill my wish. The professor opened his pants and let his hard cock come out. It was curiously straight, not curved like almost all other penises I had seen, and in its measures I found nothing to complain. I sighed for relief but it was too early.

Keeping his cock in his hand he gently pressed its smooth head against my wet pussy lips and started to torture me sliding it up and down. “Umm, I’m not sure if I should go any further”, he said, “I got an impression that you are here only for your unsatisfactory grades, Miss S. Surely we don’t need to go through all this for such an insignificant matter.” “No, no, please”, I cried, “don’t stop, Mr R. I don’t care about my grades, I just want you to fuck me right now, Mr R, please!” he showed no mercy. Rubbing slowly the entrance of my aching pussy with his swollen glance and smiling cruelly he said, “What do I hear, Miss S? In that case you have wasted my precious time for nothing, young lady! One can hardly consider that as a proper behavior for a serious collge student. Perhaps I should punish you, Miss S, by dropping your grade fron C to D?”

That old bastard! He really knew how to take his twisted pleasure. But in the same time my whole body was burning in a pleasant anticipation of sex. My aching hard nipples poked out against the fabric of my tank top and my suffering pussy had gushed a pool of juice on professor’s mahogany desk. Tears in my eyes I whispered, “So punish me, dear professor, drop my grade to D! Please, do me whatever you want.”

His smile grew broader and he said, “Fine, Miss S, I’m happy we set this thing straight.” Then he let his cock slip in, inch by inch, until it it was completely embedded in my pussy. He grabbed me by my hips and started to fuck me. I was in heaven. I lied on my back, looked absent-mindedly at details on the ceiling and received the pounding the professor was giving me. I pulled down my top to reveal my tits and rolled their nipples between my fingers. I lost totally my self-respect and gave to the good professor the sluttiest show I could by pulling my breasts up and licking my own nipples.

“Oh yes, Miss S., well done, what a lovely sight! And so perfectly on line with your loose moral standards... uuhh... I’m happy for making so right a judgment of your character when I saw you and your friend, Miss F. (he meant Kimberley) on my lecture... uuuhh... I have always had an eye for girls with loose morals, I hardly never mistake and your friend was even easier as I expected... aahhh... Miss F spread her legs in no time and told me you would be easy as well... she even promised to help me!”

That bitch Kimberley! She had lived this all through before and now she had made me a victim of this old pervert! But victim if I was, then certainly a willing one. The professor was skillful lover and the precise rhythmical intrusions of his cock soon drove me on the verge of orgasm. “Uuuuhh, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming”, I cried, “Please, don’t stop now, dear professor, fuck me harder, let me have it, I beg you!” The professor didn’t let me down in this more, he fastened his tempo and said, “By all means, Miss S. You will get what you were after, young lady, and it surely wasn’t a better grade, am I right?” “Yes, yes you are! I came here for a good fuck like Kim... you were totally right about her and me... I’m... I’m (how hard it was to spell out an obvious fact about myself) a slut!” There it was, a full confession, and the professor gave out an approving little laugh.

Shame, if there ever was any, was lost for good under the waves of thundering passion which rolled over me and submerged everything else but professor’s mercilessly pistoning cock in my trembling pussy. Oh my god, I thought as the waves began to level, I got a wonderful orgasm with a 60-year old man! No doubt the professor had made a correct judgment of me.

Suddenly professor R stopped and pulled himself out. “Turn out, Miss S”, he said, “Before I ejaculate my seed I’d like to enjoy your charming little pussy from behind as well.” Soon I lied on my stomach on the desk and professor R gathered pace to finish his job. Finally he made a few last in-outs and then plunged himself deep in my pussy. Growling in pleasure he shoot his load, and, having got my own orgasm already, I just relaxed and enjoyed the splashes of hot sperm from his throbbing cock. Despite his age he was able to deliver me such a flood of semen, no doubt as virile as any other man’s, that without a diaphragm I would surely have become pregnant.

His balls emptied inside me professor pulled his limp cock out, wiped it clean with a handkerchief and put it back to his pants. Still breathless I got on my feet ant tried to fix my battered dress. I walked around the desk to pick up my handbag and take my leave. Professor walked me to the door and said with a stern look on his face, “Well, Miss S, it’s fine we reached an agreement in this matter. You may consider your grade in rococo art history course dropped to D. I hope this will teach you a valuably lesson, young lady, that offering sexual favours for better grades doesn’t work in this respected college. Do you now understand this, Ms S? “I understand, Mr professor”, I sighed.

Suddenly the professor smiled and lowered his voice, “But then, girls with loose morals like you will spread their legs for their teachers for no favours at all, am I right? They do it just because they are sluts, Miss S, don’t they?” There was no point to deny. “You are absolutely right, Mr R, they do... [gulp] I mean I do.” The professor smiled in the most lovable way and said, “So I look forward to many happy moments with you and your friend Kimberley”, and he closed the door.

With cum running down my thighs I walked away. I was thinking too those foture moments with professor R during my years in the college. Clearly the contraception would be my priority concern from now on. Being a college slut was one thing, being a pregnant college slut wholly another one. I could handle that, I thought, and smiled.

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